Carlson For Kids Liquid Vitamin D3


10 mL

400 IU per drop

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10 mL bottle

From the Manufacturer
Carlson 400 IU Kids Ddrops is pure, natural liquid vitamin D3.

These odorless, tasteless drops offer a convenient way to receive the health benefits of vitamin D. One drop can be added to food or drink to obtain the desired dose.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
Fractionated Coconut Oil

Jennifer’s Comments
I prefer Carlson’s Vitamin D drops.  They are tasteless and it is so easy to give to a breastfeeding baby by simply applying one drop to the nipple just before latching baby on.  I love that there are no artifical colorings or artificial flavors among several other unnecessary additives often found in other commonly used brands.  For myself and my children I prefer a product that is as close to the source as possible!


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