Carlson Super Daily D3 Liquid Vitamin D 1000 IU


Carlson Liquid Vitamin D3 drops 1000 IU

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Carlson Super Daily D3 Liquid Vitamin DDrops 1000 IU  

11 mL

  • Highly concentrated liquid vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol)
  • 1000 IU in just one drop.
  • Tasteless
  • 365 drops

Vitamin D is vital for many functions in our bodies including building and maintaining bone strength and healthy immune systems.  These tasteless drops offer a convenient way to experience the healthy benefits of vitamin D.

Kerri’s Comments

I LOVE these vitamin D drops.  I have tried other vitamin D drops before, but these are so easy to take each day and don’t have any taste, which really appeals to me.

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